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December 27, 2023 by admin 0 Comments

lambkinz booth at 18th Karachi International Book Fair

Dear readers

We’re excited to take you on a journey through the heartwarming moments at the 18th Karachi International Book Fair that was held from 14th – 18th December 2023 at Karachi Expo Center. Over 5 days, we immersed families in the magic of books, animated adventures, and fun filled activities.

Our booth was a heaven for little book lovers, exploring a vibrant array of literature. The joy of discovering new stories and worlds radiated through the crowd.

Our animated kids app witnessed a surge in subscriptions. Parents recognized the educational and entertaining value, making it a hit among young minds.

From heartwarming gift giveaways to exciting games like Spin the Wheel and Gruyere, we created an atmosphere of joy and laughter that resonated with families.

The positive feedback from parents about our animated kids book app concept warmed our hearts. Knowing that we’re making a positive impact on young minds is truly amazing.

At last, a big thank you to everyone who joined us on this journey. The support and enthusiasm fuel our passion for creating joyful experiences. Here’s to the simple joys of literature, imagination, and the love of learning.

June 7, 2022 by admin 0 Comments

lambkinz wins at Pakistan Digitals Awards 2022

Team lambkinz is proud to announce their win at Pakistan Digital Awards 2022. Lambkinz app has won App & Web Enabled Market Awards at PDA ’22. lambkinz makes reading & learning fun through animated books that can be watched through the app or on the web.

As participants; the team presented to a live jury of highly esteemed professionals from the marketing & branding industry to secure a position at the nominations. The award ceremony took place on the evening of 3rd June, 2022 at Andalusian Lawn.

The award ceremony was filled with highly enthusiastic teams from various national companies including banks, logistics, automobile & advertising industries. The evening started off with the first award being presented to team lambkinz for App & Web Enabled Market.

The award was presented to Mr. Naveed Hussain, Mr. Abdul Rehman Qaim & Mr. Ishaq Ayyoub by Ms. Jehan Ara (Founder of Katalyst Labs, former president of P@SHA).

May 19, 2022 by admin 1 Comment

lambkinz at Lahore International Book Fair 2022

35th Lahore International Book Fair was held from 12th to 15th May 2022 at Lahore Expo Center in Johar Town, Lahore. Book sellers, publishers and book lovers gathered under one roof to celebrate the love of books. The book fair was inaugurated by Chairman PEMRA Mr. Muhammad Saleem Baig.

team lambkinz became a part of LIBF this year for the first time with their animated books through the lambkinz app. It was a delightful experience to see children watch and read along the animated books on the lambkinz booth at LIBF. Many parents were amazed by the intriguing idea of combining animation and books in one place. Customers were eager to know more about the unique approach of lambkinz to spark the joy of reading in children through technology.

Many people subscribed to the lambkinz app via subscription cards. lambkinz booth was covered by various news outlets including HUM NEWS, Dawn News & GTV. Several bloggers also covered and appreciated the lambkinz app for unique spin on book reading. LIBF social media channels also covered the lambkinz booth. It was indeed a refreshing and engaging experience to show our unique flavor of books to the people of Lahore.

team lambkinz is keen to get back to 36th LIBF in March 2023.

April 7, 2022 by admin 0 Comments

lambkinz at Merit ‘n’ Merit Open House

Children at lambkinz kiosk

As a part of the implementation campaign with Merit ‘n’ Merit School; team lambkinz organized a lambkinz screening session at the open house held at the campus on 2nd April, 2022. Parents and children both attended the open house and visited the lambkinz kiosk.

Children were mesmerized by the animated stories that played constantly throughout the open-house and kept gathering around the kiosk to read along.

Parents were keen to look into lambkinz and how it works and helps kids learn better. It is to be noted that the Merit ‘n’ Merit school has greenlit the addition of lambkinz as a part of their curriculum for the upcoming academic year.

Do you want lambkinz to be a part of your academic system?
Write to us at or Whatsapp/Call us at +9203127799085

March 28, 2022 by admin 0 Comments

Merit ‘n’ Merit school & lambkinz collaboration

team lambkinz is proud to announce their partnership with Merit n Merit school in implementing lambkinz as a digital learning platform in their school. team lambkinz has successfully provided Merit ‘n’ Merit school with over 400 accounts across grades Nursery till Grade 5 for all the pupils in their school.

team lambkinz and the educational leadership at Merit ‘n’ Merit School have agreed to implement lambkinz book as a part of the school curriculum in the upcoming academic year through the comprehensive implementation plan designed and provided by team lambkinz.

team lambkinz also organized lambkinz session for the kids at the school and conducted a full 45 minute class for the students to experience lambkinz first hands. The students thoroughly enjoyed the session and ended up wanting for more.

team lambkinz also organized a teachers’ training session at the school to train the teachers with the digital learning methodology of lambkinz and how to conduct a lambkinz session in class in full swing with interactive exercises and learning activities.

We firmly believe that this step towards digital learning with Merit ‘n’ Merit will accelerate and modernize the learning process  for pupils on campus and after school.

March 15, 2022 by admin 0 Comments

lambkinz & Progressive Public School join hands

team lambkinz is proud to announce their collaboration with Progressive Public School in implementing lambkinz as a digital learning platform in their school. Both the teams have signed an MOU stating the inclusion of lambkinz platform as a digital learning method in the school. 

We firmly believe that this progressive step towards digital learning with lambkinz will transform the learning process   for pupils on campus and after school.

February 2, 2022 by admin 0 Comments

2nd Edition of “Interactive Learning through Animated Stories” Workshop at TRC

The second edition of “Interactive Learning through Animated Stories” workshop took place on 29th, January, 2022 at TRC. A wonderful group of participants from various schools attended the workshop and explored lambkinz in this session. Teachers’ Resource Centre & Green Animation studio have joined hands on many projects with the common goal of creating a safe digital space for learning through lambkinz/ This workshop was conducted by workshop leader Ms. Juvaria Ahmed; who took the participants on a unique journey to explore animated stories and learning through lambkinz.

Participants got to see lambkinz live in action on desktop and had a tremendous feedback session afterwards. All participants were given FREE lambkinz subscriptions voucher worth PKR 1440 with souvenirs as a giveaway!

December 17, 2021 by admin 0 Comments

lambkinz activity at Clara International School

lambkinz PR organized an interactive storytelling and learning activity session at Clara International School. Children watched & read-along with the lambkinz animated books live at the event and indulged in quick learning activity session. The kids carefully & thoroughly enjoyed as the books came to life on the big screen.

Kids at Clara International School then dived into the learning activities after watching the animated stories and also asked lot of questions about them. The teachers encouraged the students to pay attention to the story details and think creatively while doing their learning activities.

Do you wish to organize an interactive storytelling session with @lambkinzapp at your school? Write to us NOW at

December 2, 2021 by admin 0 Comments

Workshop at TRC on “Interactive Learning through Animated Stories” using lambkinz

Green Animation Studio successfully conducted a FREE workshop on “Interactive Learning through Animated Stories for pre-primary and primary teachers at Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC) Karachi. The workshop was attended by teachers of various reputable schools. Teachers’ Resource Centre enabled Green Animation Studio to introduce @lambkinzapp as a teaching tool for interactive learning in the class rooms. The workshop proved to be a success as the participants not only enjoyed but also found a new horizon to explore storytelling through interactivity and animation.

team lambkinz took the stage at Teachers’ Resource Centre to explore various facets of storytelling and interactive learning through animated stories. The active participation of the attendees made this session both interactive and informative.

Participants got to see lambkinz live in action on desktop and had a tremendous feedback session afterward. All participants were given souvenirs and FREE lambkinz subscriptions as a giveaway!

Do you wish to organize a workshop about lambkinz? Write to us at

October 26, 2021 by admin 0 Comments

Green Animation Studio collaborating with Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC)

lambkinz X TRC

We are very excited to announce that Green Animation Studio is collaborating with TRC (Teachers’ Resource Center) for the development of in-class learning activities for lambkinz. We believe that In-class activities for the lambkinz animated books will enhance the learning process through animation & storytelling by many folds.

Each book in lambkinz is written & designed to make children learn through words, imagery, sound & animation. Each learning activity is developed by the highly qualified faculty at TRC. To help schools and teachers integrate lambkinz into their classrooms; these learning activities will immensely help kids learn through narratives, concept & storytelling.

We at Green Animation Studio are both excited & honored to have TRC on board as our learning partners for the development of in-class learning activities that will compliment each book in the lambkinz library.

Learning Activities for lambkinz will be available soon for FREE to download on the lambkinz website.

Stay curious!

Team lambkinz